Welcome to my gallery of cels. I've been collecting cels for a few years now which the majority has been Dragon Ball Z. I blame this show for my addiction to this hobby.

I also have a good amount of douga and genga sets. I enjoy - and value - these as much as my cels.

For the genga sets, there are a few that are of a sequence. I broke these up into sets of three, that is why you'll see "part1,2,3 etc...". I did not want pages and pages of single sketches.

Enjoy your visit!

News & Updates

8/31/2006Added 3 more to CCS and 1 new in DBZ Groups
5/12/2006Added a new series and one cel in DB Groups.
9/18/2005Uploaded the majority of what was left of my gallery. Quite a bit of sketches.
9/10/2005Finished with the cels for Goku and started uploading Inu Yasha

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Dragon Ball - Groups (6) 12/25/2006
Dragon Ball - Gohan (2) 9/18/2005
Dragon Ball - Goku (9) 9/18/2005
Dragon Ball - Others (2) 4/29/2007
Dragon Ball - Trunks (7) 9/18/2005
Dragon Ball - Vejita (4) 9/17/2005
Dragonball - Others/Groups - Sketches (10) 9/18/2005
Dragonball - Vejita - Genga/Douga (25) 9/18/2005
Spriggan (10) 11/27/2005
Topo Ji Jo (3) 10/30/2005

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Gallery Created: 8/21/2005
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